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Insisting the policy of “rejuvenating the factory through science and technology, establishing itself through quality and governing well through strict rules”, implement “all staff, whole process ”of quality management mode, always adhere to the quality policy of "customer satisfaction first, the process is also a customer, the staff should continuously improve their work, to meet customers growing demands”. For many years, in the framework of excellent performance model, with an emphasis on benchmarking management, from top to bottom to promote product quality continuous improvement project, wide range of mass QC group activities from bottom to top, and to guide into the new quality concept of zero defect, superior performance etc. Quality management is not just limited to the product quality, pay more attention to the work quality of process performance, improve the management level of the company, while improving product quality, reduce costs, and enhance enterprise competitiveness.

In 1994 the company has passed the GJB/Z9001 quality assurance model certificate; In 1996 the company has established comprehensive quality management system and passed certification; In 2000 the company has established measurement management system and passed certification; In 2003 the company has passed environment management system certification. In 2006 the company has passed occupation health safety management system certification. Through unremitting efforts, the company has built a continuous improvement of the quality, measuring, environmental/occupational health and safety management system of "take customer as the focus, and constantly enhance customer satisfaction", "to ensure accurate measurement equipment" and "pollution prevention, improve the environment, safety performance, ensure worker’s health and safety" .


In order to ensure product quality and safety, in 2006 company got “national industrial products production license” of the explosion-proof electrical products issued by AQSIQ (general administration of quality supervision). In 2011, company won the honorary title of "national excellent enterprise of mass quality management activities of mechanical industry ", "national outstanding enterprise of quality management team activities ". In 2011, company won the "provincial governor quality prize of Hunan province ". In 2012, company won the "public quality management activities of the national machinery industry outstanding enterprises," the title. In 2012, company won the title of "quality credit AAA level enterprise in Hunan province". In 2012, XE series wind turbine series products" was elected to the catalog of famous, superior, and new mechanical and electrical products.

Company’s quality management pursuit of excellence, never-ending, escort "leading Chinese equipment manufacturing industry" for the company!